The Postgraduate Center for Mental Health (PCMH) is committed to ensuring that all client personal and protected health information is safeguarded.  PCMH documents all services provided to clients, as well as personal information, to provide optimal care, coordinate services and meet all regulatory and billing requirements.  Information will not be disclosed without client consent with the exception of those disclosures that are permitted by regulation.  PCMH may disclose information for the treatment, payment and health care operations and when a regulatory exception applies, such as public health reporting, in emergencies and disasters, for regulatory and quality assurance purposes and when court ordered.  Other disclosures will only occur with client authorization.  All clients receive a detailed notice regarding privacy practices upon intake for service.

All records for adults will be maintained for seven (7) years after the completion of services.  Records related to minors will be maintained for seven (7) years past the age of maturity.  Records are destroyed in a secure manner to ensure that privacy is maintained. 

A client has the right to review his record, request changes in writing if he/she believes that the error contains inaccurate information and receive a copy of the record.  Requests to review or receive a copy of the record will be processed within 30 days.  In addition, a client has the right to request an accounting of all disclosures of his/her personal and protected health information.

PCMH will make reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities and/or language barriers and will offer to explain any information that the client may not understand.  Clients may direct any question, concerns or complaints regarding privacy practices to the PCMH Privacy Officer, Marcia B. Holman, LCSW, at (212) 889-5500 X202.